Do Low-priced Pepper Sprays Work?

Pepper spray is quite a successful self-defense merchandise. This is the reason nearly every law enforcement officer considers it an invaluable tool they carry with them.

Many workers that frequent people's dwellings, for example utility meter readers and USPS mail carriers, UPS and Fed Ex drivers also carry some kind of defense spray to defend against dog attacks. If you want to buy pepper guns on discounted rate, you may get navigated to

The usage of peppers for self-defense goes back thousands of years. Purportedly, the Chinese would hurl bags filled at their enemies with hot peppers. Of course, the process has been refined since then and the effects are somewhat more disastrous. Essentially, pepper spray uses a concentration of oleoresin capsicum, also referred to as OC.

It is an inflammatory agent that swells the mucous membranes. This causes the eyes to swell shut. The throat also constricts, eliminating all but the capability to draw in life. In case you have ever eaten a pepper that made your eyes along with your nose run tear, you have tried the effects of being pepper sprayed. That distress by at least 100 and you've got a better comprehension of how it really works.

The most typical type of defense sprays used by civilians has a keychain attachment. That makes it available when it's most probable to be desired. There are several other models that are disguised as a little baton or lipstick.

Most shield sprays cost under $50.00 with the bulk of keychain versions costing about $10.00. There are a few accessible for as little as $5.00. But does affordable pepper spray actually work?

Certainly, when you are purchasing merchandise, cost ought to be a factor. But when you think about the fact that you might need to rely on this product to save your own life, price should not be the most significant variable.

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