How To Apply Bitcoin Cryptocurrency In Real Life

Bitcoin is trending in the world with a large number of people getting into the trade. Bitcoin users maybe considered to be tech people in society since mining bitcoins requires one to be up to date with technology. However, more research has been done and below are some findings.

Their age: There are many assumptions about them, many would consider bitcoin to be only for young tech people. Quiet the opposite, a research was conducted about the age gapes and surprising enough all ages are represented. Although the younger adults are more, there is still a representation of the older generation.

Gender: When it comes to gender figures statistics suggest that men are a big percentage here. Even majority of the people who teach about bitcoin are mostly men. However, there is still female presence with some even starting their own companies. But since they represent about 1% of the total users then noticing them in this field would be difficult.

What Do They Use Their Money For?

Many may be assumed to be involving themselves in fishy business opportunity in usi tech due to the unregulated nature of bitcoin. But with resent research some of them actually do good to the society with what they get, bitcoins have been donated to charity in big amounts. This shows a very positive side of the cryptocurrency.

People are getting rich by using bitcoin. One of them obviously has to be the founder,Satoshi Nakamoto. It is alleged that he controls a good percent of bitcoin making him a billionaire. Others who got into this cryptocurrency early and are making millions include capitalist Barry Silbert,Sergio Lerner just to name a few. With bitcoin being one of the current financial development, it is taking over the world. In some few years the number of users might even double.

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