Secrets of Christian Church Growth

Christian church growth is often misunderstood to refer to the rising number of attendees and members of a church. Many churches that experienced a considerable increase in quantity admit the loss of great attributes of little churches such a closer fellowship and more concentrated attention. You can also look for Christian churches in Long Island by visiting The Sound of Heaven Church.

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Church growth that’s desired by the majority of churches is the increase in the degree of its members. They would like to cultivate their members to attain a certain degree of spiritual maturity that will allow them to extend the identical nurturing to other men and women. However, the reality that as the church grows in number, church leaders find it more challenging to look after them.

One of the secrets to Christian church growth is mobilizing their members to combine growth groups. They (also known as small groups, discipleship groups, cell groups) are composed of 7-12 attendees or members of the local church. It’s characterized as the building block of life of their local congregation and is essential to the growth of corporate and individual Christian way of life.

Many churches, especially megachurches, and their members benefit from having healthy growth bands. They empower leaders to provide better pastoral care to members. They can train and equip their members better.

The members can participate more actively in discussions in smaller groups than in bigger conferences. They can easily be encouraged to direct prayers, ease bible studies, share their personal concerns and advise one another compared to larger groups which could be threatening for them.

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