Responsibilities of a Security Guard

Many clients and lots of security guards themselves are under the belief that security officers have the exact responsibilities that a police officer could have. It's essential for a security company to communicate with their own officers, managers, but also their customers that the primary duty of a guard is to observe and report. To get more detail about Security Guard Service you can visit

 Responsibilities of a Security Guard

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He's absolutely not a police officer and doesn't have the very same skills, the exact rights, and the exact responsibilities. Any company that is going to guarantee a customer that a safety officer will capture criminals and run after them and put them in handcuffs is intentionally misinforming the customer.

A security guard is responsible to observe report, interdict and stop. The only time the safety officer should place himself in harm's way is if another man is in physical danger and needs his help. Aside from that the most important undertaking of an officer would be to prevent.

Even though a guard isn't a police officer he can prevent crime and supply security and security if skilled and well trained. The top officers will be more active, attentive and extremely visible, which will deter potential perpetrators.

For instance, there are hundreds of unprotected construction websites in Los Angeles. An expert thief, gang member or vandal will proceed to a well-guarded property if he realizes that a skilled officer is safeguarding the originally chosen property.

Another great example is a shopping center where panhandlers constantly bother customers of shops in the shopping center and vagrants attempt to sleep on the property at night. A security guard doesn't have the exact same right of arresting vagrants and panhandlers. 

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