The Biggest Mistake Shoppers Make

Many shoppers don’t realize that everywhere there are discounts which are just up for grabs. It means that the best discounts are those that are just waiting to be tapped by a mere encouragement from buyers. You may not see any discounts or bargains posted on the wall or on any product, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any at all. This is what they call as “friends and family” type of discount. This is not for private use only, so it is open to all like this 20% off sitewide + free standard shipping on $75 + earn kohls cash, which is great. The lesson here is not to pay for the full price without asking for a price drop first.

Discounts is everybody’s business and for everyone’s use. It can be given in full, partial or add on, double or just free shipment. Likewise, discounts are meant not just to encourage customers to buy but it is also for building a relationship between customer and store. If a customer sees that in such store she is pampered and given enough attention with the 20% off sitewide + free standard shipping on $75 + earn kohls cash, then surely returning will be much easier. She can even promote the store to friends and family. How much more if the pampering includes discount and bargain? That’s a bonus there.

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