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Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

One of the most important things to understand is that there are different types of skin, and that the type of makeup routine you use will depend on that. Girls with oily skin should be careful when choosing their face makeup, going with the best mineral foundation for oily skin. To help you on your way we have prepared a list of tips, keep reading to find out more!

Courtesy: rougemagz

1. Start with a  primer

Beginning your morning routine with a good quality primer can stop the rest of your makeup from sliding out of place! Prime the T-zone that is your forehead, your nose and your chin with an oil free primer. You shouldn’t apply it until you have given your wash a good scrub though!

You shouldn’t start your makeup by applying concealer to your eyes either, use a primer that is designed for your eyelids. It will absorb the oils your face exudes throughout the day and reduce the creases that develop!

2. Limit the powder

Rule number one of applying powder to your face is; do not pile it all on as it will increase the amount of oil your pores produce. Use a matte, translucent powder formula, strategically applying it to your face and reducing the shine that develops on your T-zone.

3. Keep blotting paper on hand

Always keep them on hand. It doesn’t matter how good your morning routine is, you’ll probably have shiny skin by noon! Keep some in your purse and use them to get rid of excess oil throughout the day.

Be careful! The most important tip is to keep hydrated and avoid being too harsh on your skin.