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Ways to Recycle The Mattress

Most memory foam mattress toppers have a lifespan of just five decades ago from the polyurethane gets the means to recover shape and gently start to sag. Lots of people change bed topper by a certain period of time.

But rather than simply throwing those off I’ve several distinctive ideas which may convert your previous memory foam mattress topper to something utterly fresh and eco-friendly.

We can use it in different ways like create a superb stuffing fabric for your toys. Cut them into small bits and then use them to materials toys for the children. You can also get toys out of these and sell one bay or even Easy!


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A bean bag might be made much more comfortable by filling half an hour it using bits of polyurethane foam. Or you’ll be able to sew a fresh purse and fill it entirely using foam bits, that this will definitely give a significant decoration for the family room.


Donate them for your displaced or protect homes. Many don’t have enough beds to allow for homeless individuals, giving them is a very good thing that you do for the society. For more tips to recycle the mattress, you can consult with natural latex toppers

Car-seat pads

It’s possible to slice on the foam and put it to use as cushioning for child car chairs. They may be wrapped in leather or fabric and also used as direct support

Wheelchair pads

Re size and provide them to your man on wheel seat. They are sometimes utilized as cushioning and assist the man sit smoothly.