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How To Tell Whether A Coupon Is Legit

Unless you printed your coupons by yourself, you can be 100% sure that it is legit. There are various ways that can help you know whether the coupon you are going to use is legit. Do not share your printable coupons with people not unless they are your closest friends. Each coupon you print using your computer is linked to your computer. This is how they track the number of coupons each person has printed. Usually, most of the coupons are limited to two coupon prints per computer. If copied, they become invalid.

Do not give coupons you printed by yourself to someone else. This is because, in the market world today, you may never know whom to trust. The people you give your coupons to might print many copies and use them and when checked, the source is your computer. This can be bad for your business.

The best way to determine whether a coupon is legit is to run it through Veri-Fi software that is powered by coupons.com. Using this software, your coupons can be validated by using the dot bar code in the upper right-hand corner of the coupon itself. This way, you will be able to know whether the coupon you are about to use is legit and that it has not been used elsewhere. Printing your coupons through Veri-Fi protects your source and they cannot be tracked back to you.