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How to Prepare Smoothie With Oatmeal And Banana

Smoothies are a fantastic way to add fruits and vegetables interesting in daily diet. The value of making of smoothie also increases in many folds when you have to prepare this for children. Children are very choosy in the matter of food. They always prefer to have tasty and delicious food. Due to this, sometimes they skip proper nutrients and other important vitamins. For the parents, it is very hard to prepare something healthy and delicious which is beneficial for children. They can choose a good smoothie for this.

Every parent always looks for something interesting by which children can get something delicious and healthy. Blueberry is great in taste and it also has many nutrients and vitamins which are very beneficial for health. You can make a good smoothie by including this great ingredient.  You can make a good smoothie with the help of this smoothie in no time.  Here are the ingredients and processing details.

Great smoothie recipe with blueberry

–    One cup frozen blueberries

–    One cup fresh spinach leaves

–    One cup plain yogurt

–    Half cup milk

–    One tablespoon honey

Quick process

This smoothie recipe can be very beneficial for you. You can prepare this in few seconds with the help of your smoothie maker. This can be great when your children are feeling hungry but not ready to eat something healthy. You can offer them this great and delicious smoothie.

Put the half cup of milk in the smoothie maker and the frozen blueberries. Now blend this combination for a while. Now you can put rest of the ingredients and blend everything well until it is drinkable. Now you can serve the smoothie in a long glass. Make sure that you are not storing this smoothie for a long period of time.