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Different Types Of Ants Around The World

Courtesy- Mother Nature Network

Ants are one of the most common insects seen in various parts of the worlds. There are different types of ants across the world. Some of these are:

1. Argentine Ants

As the name suggests, this specie of ants have their origins in Argentina but have now grown in bigger populations in other parts of the world such as in America and Australia. These ants enter the house while looking for shelter and traces of food. They have a triangular shape of the head and are shiny black to various shades of brown in appearance.

2. Field Ants

This specie of ants is usually found outdoors in open fields. They are larger in size as compared to others and vary from approximately four to nine millimeters in terms of length. Their home is often found in the soil in the open areas. They are less harmful than other ants as they do not enter the house and infiltrate food.

3. Fire Ants

As the name suggests, this specie of ants comes in various shades of red and have two nodes situated in the middle of the thorax and the abdomen. These ants are known to sting whatever comes in their way and this in turn causes pain and irritation on the skin. Thus, it is important for pest control in north Brisbane and other areas.

Chemical Pest Control Methods

If pests are not controlled in a timely manner, they can be a threat to agricultural produce.  There are two ways of controlling pests. These are: natural pest control and chemical pest control. 


Chemical pest control

Since a very long time now chemical pest control methods have been used in both agricultural setting and household settings. These often consist of harsh insect killers that immediatelyeradicate pests upon use.  They can be applied in two ways, either systematically or to the entire crop. These techniques are classed among some of the best pest control Brisbane offers.

Advantages of chemical pest control methods are:

  1. Chemical pesticides are economical in cost and they are easily available in the market. On the other hand natural pesticides are not easily available.
  2. Their application to crops is also an easy process. They deliver results immediately, at times immediate result is just the requirement of the farmer.

Disadvantages of chemical pest control methods are:

  1. They can harm the organisms that are often beneficial for agricultural produce.These organisms are often responsible for helping crops grow and fight pests.
  2. They are considered tobe harmful to the environment as they discharge toxins. Aside from that,human exposure can be dangerous too. They are threatening to the health of older people and children.
  3. Effects of some pesticides are short term and temporary, these pesticides need to be applied again and again according to the provided instructions. When dealing with insecticides, pesticides or any other chemical always follow instructions that are given by manufacturer.

Know which one suit your requirements best and then have it done without delay.